Autumn paints in colors that Summer has never seen

My yard

I think I need to start to get out more. The only thing I photograph is whats out and around my yard.

Some More Jay

This guy is a frequent visitor now. The kids are even interested when he comes around.

Hello there

This guy has been hanging out at my place for a few days now. Must be the new bird feed I have. I discovered that he likes the peanuts. Today, he flew up next to me and landed on the… Continue Reading →


I photographed these girls last week. They are so very beautiful inside and out.

The Chitre Family

Family. A group of people. Each a unique masterpiece, sharing unconditional love, hugs and support. One of life’s greatest blessings. Cherish always (fatal-e tumblr.com)

Just some flowers

I always arrive early when I plan to do photos for someone. I thought I would have some practice with my macro lens while I waited.


A new word I learned today. Petrichor. A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

lovin’ the weather

The weather here has been so beautiful. I went for a walk this morning. Here is what I was photographing.

I love Spring.

“We can never have enough nature” Henry David Thoreau

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