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Photos from our visits to my favourite Portuguese city, Porto.

Around the Barrinha

Maxi and Carmen on the beach

Arte Xávega in Praia de Mira

Artesanal fishery in Praia de Mira, Portugal

Praia de Mira surfers

I photographed these guys this morning on Praia de Mira, Portugal. Great light, no crowds, early morning Portugal vibes!

Sunset-Praia de Mira 2022

We are back in Portugal!

Met a new friend today.

I stopped to take a photo of a couple of geese hanging out on the hay and this guy comes galloping down to me for a few rubs and to pose for me.

Spring in Fort McMurray

Geese on the Snye

Bohemian Waxwings

Oh boy. it’s a chilly -35 and these birds were hanging around the yard. I could only stand it a few minutes then I came inside.

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