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Another evening

Our evenings are always the same. It has been our routine to walk the beach, grab a coffee and then walk back to the apartment. Usually takes a couple of hours. The kids play, I take some photos.

The Praia

Another Sunset

When they are this beautiful how can you not keep photographing them.

The other end

The beach extends pretty far, last evening we walked to the other end. It has a large rock sea wall that’s pretty awesome to fish off or just stand and watch the fishing boats or the waves.

Figueira da Foz

We took a trip to Figueira da Foz. The beach was pretty empty. The weather was a bit crazy. Sunny over the water and dark, gloomy storm clouds rolling in over the town.

Beach time, fun times

We love the beach. Xavier got buried in the sand. If you look close enough Carmen gave him some boobs.

Sunset on the beach with my kids.

My kids love the beach but for some reason they enjoy the beach when there is no one around. It’s their play ground. They get to do what they want, be as loud as they want and have so much… Continue Reading →

The Evenings

The evenings in Praia De Mira can be clear with hues of oranges, pinks and blues or they can foggy and damp. Romantic and airy. Dark and moody. I love them both.

Beach Volleyball

Praia De Mira has a pretty awesome beach. It welcomes tons of tourists each summer from all over. It also hosts a number of activities as well. Surfing, beach volleyball and soccer.

The Beach

I love the beach. I never grow tired of it. I always enjoy hanging around in the evening after everyone has left. Just to be there to hear the waves. And to photograph of course.

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