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Artisanal Fishing on Praia de Mira

Known as Arte Xávega in Portuguese.

Praia do Poço da Cruz

Around the Barrinha

Maxi and Carmen on the beach

Arte Xávega in Praia de Mira

Artesanal fishery in Praia de Mira, Portugal

Praia de Mira surfers

I photographed these guys this morning on Praia de Mira, Portugal. Great light, no crowds, early morning Portugal vibes!

Sunset-Praia de Mira 2022

We are back in Portugal!

Another evening

Our evenings are always the same. It has been our routine to walk the beach, grab a coffee and then walk back to the apartment. Usually takes a couple of hours. The kids play, I take some photos.

Just another couple of Praia sunsets.

I love the sunsets

When the sun starts to set here it is just magical. The beach is generally empty. It’s just you, the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean and the vibrant colors of the magnificent sunset. It’s heavenly.

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