When we evacuated Fort McMurray we were initially told to go north but when we came to the turnoff they redirected us south. For 7.5 hours we drove 200kms south of Fort McMurray. We finally ran out of gas in this tiny hamlet called Wandering River. The population here is 100. This hamlet may be small but has a big heart. At one point 600 evacuees were housed here. We were told of a camp that had just reopened to help out evacuees. The Canada North Camp welcomed us with open arms. They have been providing us with everything we need. I don’t know what we would have done without the kindness and generosity of this place.

There isn’t many activities here to occupy yourself with. Lucky for me, I have my camera. So, what does one do with a camera in Wandering River? Wander around the backroads. This is how I have been passing away some of my time. I have to say I love this little place. One day, I will own a ranch.